About the Second Decade Podcast

Welcome to the Second Decade Podcast, bringing you history from the amazing second decade of the 19th century (the 1810s). The podcast is written, directed and recorded by author and historian Sean Munger.

Two hundred years ago, in the second decade of the 19th century, the world was a strange, fascinating and precarious place. It was a time of global conflict and uneasy peace; a time of great environmental change; a time of disaster and miracles, anomalies and mysteries. It was a time when our modern world began to emerge–and a time like almost no other in history.

This podcast is about stories, true stories, of this remarkable time.

2 thoughts on “About the Second Decade Podcast

  1. Hi Sean,
    It’s good to hear your voice again. I realized between seasons 2 &3 that Second Decade has become one of my favorite podcasts. Thank you for the great content so far, and I hope you can find a way to continue podcastinginto the future, whether on this topic or another.

    I realize that history podcasting isn’t exactly a path to riches – it’s not even a path to the middle class. It must be something that you enjoy doing to put the time and effort in that you do. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the sacrifices in time and treasure that this project requires.

    I don’t know what your listenership numbers are, but I would wager that every single listener has learned something that they otherwise would never know. That is powerful.

    Thank You!


    1. Thanks for your kind words! Yes, podcasting is not the path to riches, for sure…but I enjoy bringing this history to people, the vast majority of whom have never heard it. Please spread the word!


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